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Photographs of events here @ Overend Mission during 2015
Our activity day held on Tuesday 29th December. 34 children attended. Click for Slide Show.
The Young Peoples Carol Service on the 13th December..click here for slide show
Our Christmas Fayre on 28th November..click to see a slideshow




Our fireworks party held on Friday 6th Novemeber



On the evening of 1 November we held our annual All Souls’ Service to commemorate those who have died



People were invited to write on an autumn leaf the name of those they wished to remember, as we acknowledged that ‘we blossom and flourish as leaves on a tree and wither and perish, but nought changeth Thee’. These were placed around a cairn of stones.


After the names had been read out we lit candles and the lights were dimmed as we entrusted our dead loved ones to God. Everyone took home a green stone from the cairn as a symbol of new life.


The service also included the dedication of a new lectern Bible and 50 small Bibles, bought with a legacy from former member Brenda Holyoake.  Her son, Peter, was the first to read from it.

The congregation shared in refreshments of traditional soul cakes after the service


At the evening service on 25 October a choir of 22 voices, under the leadership of Belinda McBain and Nicki Bainbridge, presented the musical ‘Jailbreak’ by Roger Jones

Click here to see a slide show of the pics from our 'Allo 'Allo evening.


..I will say this only once.. we had a lovely time of fun and friendship. Many thanks to all who made it happen.



Harvest Festival, the weekend of the 26th & 27th September. Supper, breakfast & morning worship all in celebration of harvest.
Celebration breakfast, morning & evening services during the weekend of the 5th & 6th September..
Rev Ajay Singh during his welcome sevice
Our Summer Fair & Church Anniversary on 28th June
“Overend’s Guild members held a ‘Strawberries in the Garden’ evening at the home of Pat & John Withers on Wednesday 1st July – we’re not quite sure how Pat managed it, but we were sitting out late into the evening because it just happened to be the hottest day of the year so far!!”
Sunday 21st June
To mark the end of World Refugee Week we held an evening Café-style service which was attended by members of Halesowen Welcome Group.  We each reflected on what we would take with us if we had to leave our homes quickly.  The lists were put in small bags and left in a tent before hearing stories from the Welcome Group. We were all deeply moved by a young man who had left Uganda because of his sexuality and torture and had been detained for 5 months at the notorious Yarl's Wood Detention Centre whilst his claim for refugee status was being considered.  The collection was given to the group.
For our midsummer prayer meeting this year we went to St Leonard's Church Clent.  As St Leonard is the patron saint of prisoners Margaret led a service of evening prayer in which we lit candles for prisoners of conscience, for those in prisons in our country and for those held in detention centres whilst waiting for their applications for refugee status to be considered.
Sunday School Anniversary - well done to all the young people!
'We are marching in the power of God' - some pictures from Our World Church Sunday evening service held on 26 April, led by Rev Paul Nzacahayo.
Skittles Evening on the 18th April
Easter Sunday
The Good Friday service closed with taking down the cross and inviting members of the congregation to come and drop petals and herbs on it.
It was then wrapped up, like a shroud, as we heard how Jesus' body was placed in a tomb.
Easter Activities on Good Friday
Mothering Sunday
The Methodist Society leading worship on the 8th March

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